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Jahi's Invasion: The Roleplaying Game

Jahi's Invasion is now a Roleplaying Game! Play as a psionic Superhuman, alien Idol, vicious Emerald Elf, or rebellious Djinn, struggling against the forces of Jahi's Sex Monster Women!

Download the ebook here: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/767563

This ebook has a Pick Your Price feature, meaning that if you want, you can download it for free, but if you enjoy my work and wish to give me a tip, consider purchasing the book for whatever amount you feel comfortable with. ($0.99 minimum if you decide to purchase.)

The book does make use of internal hyperlinks, and page breaks have been spaced for PDF use ideally, but should work in any format that allows for them.

Let me know if any of you are actually crazy enough to play this! :P

Monday, December 11, 2017


Description: Huntresses retain their human bodies, but are nearly invisible. Only a slight wavering of light, like a heat ripple, shows where they are, and unless out in the open, it can be nearly impossible to see.

Powers and Abilities: The Huntress’s most obvious power is their invisibility. They project a short-range field that bends light around them, creating a slight ripple in the air in the vaguest of humanoid shapes. This field also covers any sort of clothing or items they maybe carrying. This field also deadens most sounds they make and erases their scent. This field cannot be turned off, however, meaning that they can’t simply make themselves seen, and in order to be heard, they must yell loudly just so others can hear their voice. Even then, they barely sound louder than a whisper. The only reliable way to spot and track a Huntress is to have some kind of psychic awareness, or through the use of special multi-spectrum visors.

Huntress’s are also five times stronger and faster than normal humans, and have quick reflexes at the peak of human ability. They likewise have keen senses of smell, hearing, and sight, with the ability to see heat signatures.

Habits: Huntress’s are driven by the mission, be it to take out a specific target, kidnap someone, track someone, or retrieve an artifact. As their name implies, they live for the hunt. Early in the Invasion, they were the elite assassins and infiltrators of Jahi’s army, and killed more government and military leaders than any other Monster Woman.

They were, in fact, so good at their job, that their numbers have been kept deliberately low. Usually only one will be present in a whole camp or settlement. Huntresses don’t seem to mind this; they are solitary by nature, often avoiding companionship even as they hang around the edges of their squad’s camp.

When seeking sex, the Huntress will pick a victim and separate them from their group, usually dragging them into a forest, cave, or other isolated location that’s easy to get lost in. She will then let them try to escape, and after a few minutes, hunt them down, enjoying an extended game of cat and mouse. When her victim finally drops from exhaustion, she will move in and use him for her pleasure.

Infection Cycle: A Huntress’s transformative enzymes come from her saliva. While she can simply bite, kiss, and lick a woman to inject them, most Huntresses will instead soak and arrow or needle in her spit. She will find a woman to kidnap for her sex hunt, and as she chases her victim, the Huntress will shoot her with the enzyme-soaked weapons. Spaced out over the course of hours, the helpless human woman will eventually collapse, and the light will waver about her form as she changed into a new Huntress. Her sire will then come over and use her for sex while she is transforming. By the time she is satiated, the new Huntress is formed, and the original usually leaves on the ground to find her own way.

The Huntress enzyme is potent, and even spaced out in small doses, there is a chance that a single shot is all it takes for the inevitable transformation to happen. It may be possible that a human who escapes the sex hunt having only taken grazing hits from the tainted projectiles might be safe as they’re body flushes the traces out, but any who manage this are extremely lucky.


Description: Djinnis are Witches who have, through special mystical processes, become forced to serve a human, by binding their soul to an object, which becomes their Artifact.

Powers and Abilities: Djinn possess all the same powers they did as a Witch, save that they must obey the will of the person who holds their chosen Artifact. In so doing, they have created a loophole in order to do what should be impossible: defy the will of Jahi.

A person who holds their Artifact (often a ring or bracelet or amulet for convenience’s sake) has total control over the Djinn. Whatever they command, the Djinn must do, if it is within her power.

A Djinn also cannot truly die while she is bound to an Artifact. Her body will heal from whatever damage is done it, even if she is ripped to pieces, by placing the Artifact against her remains. Her body will come back together, re-knitting itself back to being whole, over the course of several minutes. However, if the Artifact is destroyed, the Djinn will die.

Habits: Djinn possess all the same habits and mannerisms as Witches, whose personalities remain unchanged when they are exalted by Jahi.

However, they must obey whatever the holder of their Artifact commands, whether they want to or not. As such, Djinn Artifacts are often given to trustworthy soldiers, usually commanders or generals, when engaged in attacks on Monster Women, and seasoned hunters/scouters when taken on missions. In between such times, a Djinn might give her Artifact to a trusted partner or lover, or to a higher-ranking authority in the town.

In return for their service, Djinn are usually well-protected by their town, and harsh penalties are levied against anyone who would abuse their power over her. In the case of Djinn who used to be enemy Witches and have proven untrustworthy, they are usually kept secured in a “comfortable” prison facility until they are needed.

The Artifact Curse: Normally, a Witch simply cannot defy Jahi in any meaningful way. She is physically and mentally incapable of doing so, as per the terms of her empowerment, no matter how much she wants to. This includes taking steps to hinder the Invasion. There is some leeway in this, as a Witch can still help humans as long as it’s through a compromising deal, or a Witch can fight and even kill Monster Women over personal conflicts. However, a Witch cannot actively take great strides to protect human strongholds or destroy Monster Women squadrons or camps just to help humans in the war effort.

However, this method has finally been breached through the use of the Djinn Artifact curse. Several Witches who had originally tried to gain power with the intent to betray Jahi, instead found themselves unable to act directly on their plans. No matter how hard they tried, they simply could not defy her; at best, they could only remove themselves from the fight and help random strangers through making deals.

Eventually, however, one enterprising Witch discovered a way to enslave people by tearing out their souls and binding them to an object via enchantment spells. She then attacked and captured a rival Witch and performed the curse, binding the Witch to her will. However, eventually humans chanced upon this Witch and they managed to steal away the Artifact, forcing the enslaved Witch to work for them and defeat the original Witch.

Testing this further, they forced the Witch to help them attack a Sex Monster camp. All of them were shocked that it worked, and the Witch, who had been one of the women who’d originally had herself exalted with the attempt to fight for her people, immediately set about reverse engineering the enchantment under orders from her masters.

Since then, several dozen Witches have been brought back into the fight against Jahi through the use of the Artifact Curse. Most Djinn are Witches who wanted to resist Jahi in the first place, though they still had to be forced or tricked in the Curse, as they could not allow themselves to be bound while knowing the real reason for it. A few Djinn, however, were clearly enemies of humanity who have been forced into service, but they must be carefully handled and watched. 


Description: Vibes appear as human woman, save that have an almost iridescent metallic sheen on their skin that’s visible when light shines on them. They often tend to fidget non-stop when not engaged in any activity, and have a habit of vibrating their fingers randomly the way some people bite their nails or crack their knuckles as a habit. When they speak, their voices have a metallic resonance.

Powers and Abilities: Vibes possess vibration-based powers. They can vibrate any part of their body, usually using their hands and fingers. Naturally, this is used for pleasurable vibration play, but when pressed, they can increase the power of their vibrations to dangerous levels in various ways:

Firstly, they can project vibrations through the ground to create local tremor effects, knocking people off their feet, damaging mechanical structures, or even breaking down walls.

Secondly, they vibrate their fingers and toes to such speeds that it lends incredible cutting power to their nails. Vibes have been seen chopping through thick wooden logs and even stone walls with ease just by slashing their nails through the material.

Thirdly, just vibrating their bodies in the right way can make them impossible to keep a grip on and can cause some attacks to be deflected or backfire. Bullets bounce, blades break, and fists shatter upon impact with a Vibe when her body is in full defensive vibration mode.

Vibes also possess about five times the strength and toughness of a normal human, and three times the speed and reflexes. Combined with their ability to make their very touch lethal and protect themselves further with their body, Vibes have proven to be extremely dangerous to engage in melee combat, even if they are not especially good fighters. Even Emerald Elves are cautious when attacking a Vibe and will prefer to do so in ambush, before the Vibe has a chance to counter-attack.

Habits: Vibes are methodical thinkers, approaching most situations with an almost mechanical efficiency. Even when making love, they are notably studious, preferring to play with their partners, testing moves and watching responses until they figure out exactly what it takes to either make their climax within seconds or keep them teased and edging for hours on end.

Even their emotive and social responses seem as though they have been fine-tuned to what will be effective for the other person. Vibes generally have a sort of prim and formal air about them, a sort of tightly restrained sexuality that’s poised to strike when the moment is exactly right. However, if a Vibe sees that a different approach is more effective, she will switch to playing dumb or slutty.

This studious nature combined with their enhanced reflexes makes them very observant in any situation, noting and categorizing any information they encounter. However, Vibes lack much ambition of their own, and feel best suited to aiding others. As such, Vibes can be excellent assistants to Azure Elves, Witches, and Gorgons, good battle-squires for Taurians, and other such positions.

Infection Cycle: The Vibe uses her vibrating fingers to bring a woman to tease a woman extensively or make her climax over and over. As she inserts her fingers into the woman, she “sweats” her transformative enzyme. After about an hour, the woman’s body will begin vibrating to match the Vibe’s touches. From this point, the Vibe can stop, and the transformation will occur, with the woman’s own vibrations stimulating herself.

One transformed, the woman is stuck in vibration, and she must find a way to gain control of herself. Over the course of several hours to a couple of days, the original Vibe will help talk her new protégé through the process of mental calm and control, until she can finally gain control over her power. It is believed this psychological training process is what turns the Vibe’s personality into the studious and calculating one they are known for.


Description: Swellers appear as human women in most respects, save that they are usually gigantic in size. They’re maximum known height can reach up to sixty feet tall, while even in a rested state, their base size tends to be at least ten feet tall. Some also manipulate their body’s form to bulk up their muscle mass or give themselves vary ample curves and thick proportions.

Powers and Abilities: Swellers have the ability grow any part of their bodies, from a single digit to their entire form. While at rest they prefer to be able ten to twelve feet tall, they are capable of shrinking back down to their original size when needed.

Swellers possess superhuman strength and durability which increases with their size growth. In their smallest form, they are still ten times stronger and tougher than a normal person. At maximum size, they can be as much as one hundred times stronger and tougher, becoming bullet proof and strong enough to throw cars like baseballs. A fully grown Sweller is the only known Monster Woman measurably stronger than even a Taurian’s strongest forms.

Habits: Swellers are generally airheads, often falling into the stereotype of “big means stupid.” They are comparable to Beast Women in their more simplified outlook on life; they still retain all their previous knowledge and understanding, but they just don’t care about much beyond their next fuck, fight, or feast. They are eager to please their masters, but can be frustratingly dense at following orders at times.

Occasionally, though, one might find a Sweller who has retained her intellect, and these types tend to chafe at being bossed around. At least one Monster Woman squadron is known to be lead by a very intelligent Sweller, and they have achieved several key victories in conquering human strongholds.

In combat, Swellers use not only their tremendous size, but full manipulation of their body’s proportions on an instinctive level to maximize their battle prowess. For example, they will routinely enlarge their fists or feet as they punch and kick to create much bigger impacts, swell their chests and stomachs to bounce back or block stronger attacks, extend limbs to strike from farther away, or even leap into the air while small, then bulk out to maximum size for a power bomb attack.

Like Taurians, Swellers used to be much more common, especially in the early days of the Invasion, where their incredible might let them easily rip through armies and topple infrastructure. However, they are much lower in number these days, as many still died in combat, falling to heavier artillery. Their numbers have never really recovered since, and this is partially deliberate, as Swellers might too easily be able to topple human strongholds if unleashed in larger numbers. Hence, they tend to act as guards for Monster Women encampments, and many an Azure Elf has a Sweller bodyguard.

Infection Cycle: The Sweller will grow to maximum size and force a human woman’s entire body inside her vagina, taking care not to injure her in the process. Struggle though she might, even superhumanly strong women find it impossible to break free. While she is inside, the woman is soaked in the Sweller’s sexual juices, and begins to suffocate, eventually swallowing or breathing in the fluids.

However, a Sweller’s sexual fluids have a magical quality that allows a person to survive without the need for oxygen, enabling the woman (or man they are using insertion play on) to survive being trapped inside. Over the course of several hours, the woman is soaked in the transformative enzyme until she changes. The Sweller quickly pulls the woman out of herself as the new Sweller begins to grow.

Pulling the woman out of the Sweller, washing her down thoroughly, and letting her cough up the sexual fluids, can save her if done within the first hour. After that, the transformation can’t be stopped. Unfortunately, very few can overpower a Sweller that’s fully grown, making any rescue attempt dicey at best, especially given that they don’t bother attempting to make more of themselves outside of protected camps and settlements. Thankfully, they also won’t try to transform women unless their superiors ask for it, and as previously mentioned, Swellers tend to be kept at low numbers on purpose.

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Please Let Me Cum! A Simple Sex Mage RPG

A Simple Sex Mage RPG

A silly, Sex Mage World themed RPG! Why anyone in their right mind would want to play such a thing is beyond me, but damned if I don’t try to cram Sex Mages into every medium there is! This is a simple and straightforward game in the spirit of those "One Page RPG" projects. There are some numbers to track and a dice roll mechanic, but otherwise, you make most of the stuff up as you go.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Sensual Domination Test Program (Audio)

Finally a little story set in my Cyberdomme setting!

A man wakes up in a lab where he is subjected to the Sensual Domination program! This is a dialogue using my voice and a feminine robot voice created using the TTS App (Zira desktop voice).

There is some male screaming and grunting which might get cringey if you're not into that sort of thing. If you don't want to hear the audio, the script has been provided below.

Part One: https://soundgasm.net/u/Salamando/SDP-Test-Subject-1
Part Two: https://soundgasm.net/u/Salamando/SDP-Test-Subject-2

Monday, September 4, 2017

Phallica #02

I spent the rest of the week finishing my finals and staying out of trouble like a good girl. With this semester finally over, I had a few months of just needing to work my part-time job, and otherwise, being free to not involve myself in ridiculous superhero shenanigans. That’s what I told myself anyway.

I knew I shouldn’t have jinxed it.

Saturday, August 26, 2017


Description: Idols are humanoids with golden skin, silver eyes, and myriad shades of metallic colored hair. They often glow or sparkle with an aura of light. They are universally beautiful by human standards, the likes of which extremely few humans, or even Monster Women, can match. They tend to wear clothes with a distinct eye towards ornamentation, with women wearing elaborate dresses or highly fashionable casual wear, and men wearing ceremonial armor or togas. In any case, these outfits are somewhat skimpy despite the amount of flair, so as to show off the idealized physiques of their bodies.

Powers and Abilities: Idols have a palpable, but subtle, aura of subjugation, which induces awe and admiration in all those around them. Humans first encountering an Idol cannot help but feel they are in the presence of an angelic or godly being.

Idols also have near-total control over their body's functions, including a degree of mind-over-matter that allows them to perform superhuman feats of strength, athleticism, healing, and durability. They can live up to 500 years old through a combination of advanced medical care and their own control over their body’s aging. They can also resist nearly any disease or poison, and are more durable against energy effects such as fire, electricity, and radiation. They can even commune with one another telepathically if they form a mind-link ahead of time. When doing so, they can project basic thoughts to one another, read one another’s emotions, and better synchronize their actions, until the link is broken.

That all said, they are not as powerful as they may at first appear. Their physical might is fueled by psychic energies which, like humans, can exhaust themselves with too much effort. Idols have an innate mastery over their powers that few humans do, but they do not possess many of the more esoteric skills that superhumans can; they lack telekinesis or energy generation or illusion or even true telepathy with other races. The true paragons of Superhuman physical might exceeds all but the most exceptional of Idol champions.

Idols, fortunately, cannot be turned into Sex Monsters, nor are they susceptible to being enslaved through sex. Unfortunately for them, however, this means the Monster Women have full authority to kill them on sight. Those few Idols who survive defeat end up in violence-enforced slavery or as torture victims for the more sadistic Monsters.


Descriptions: Superhumans are those men and women who have unlocked part of the human race’s evolutionary potential for the development of psychic powers.

Powers and Abilities: Typically a superhuman will have one special power, or one main power with a related sub-ability. While there can be a wide variety of abilities known, many fall under three basic categories: Physical, Kinetic, and Mental.

Physicals are by far the most common. These are people whose power manifests in a subconscious mind-over-matter power over their own bodies, granting them enhanced strength or athleticism.

Kinetics have powers that are related to direct energy effects. This can be things like tricks of telekinesis or the power to breathe fire like a dragon.

Mentals are those whose powers revolve around more esoteric effects, like projecting illusions, sensing the presence of others, or reading minds. Interestingly, despite all these powers being fueled by psionic energy, Mentals are the rarest of the three types. Gifts like telepathy and mind control are the rarest of all, and are still all but useless against the Monster Women.

The rarest of all are those who have several gifts which can even combine the three types. Even with such specimens, though, it is worth noting that such abilities usually remain what might be considered “street level” by comic book terms. Superhumans are more easily comparable to the special-gimmick magicians and strongmen adventurers of the 1920’s pulp hero tales, rather than the high-powered costumed superheroes we see in modern day comic books. The mightiest of superhumans is able to give a Taurian a good fight, but would still be an ant compared to Jahi herself.

History: Prior to the appearance of Jahi, psychics were an extremely rare occurrence, with often very subtle and sometimes unreliable powers. Those few who could achieve such a stable form of such abilities had to spend years in deep training, leading to very secluded lives, which kept them out of the public eye. The idea of the superman and the awakened mentalist remained folklore and urban legend at best.

However, the existence of psychic potential is born out by the existence of the Mentas psionic powers, and the Monster Women’s ability to exude their aura of dominance when attempting to enslave their victims. Indeed, it is possible that most of the mental and seemingly mystical powers demonstrated by Monster Women may in fact be manifestations of human psychic abilities twisted to Jahi's designs.

Triggering: The surge of magic and extra-dimensional energies from Jahi’s arrival has jumpstarted these powers in small percentage of the human population, leading to the development of comic book style super powers. Interestingly, the majority of superhumans are male, being about about 70% of all known cases. There doesn’t appear to be any real reason for this, other than sheer coincidence.

Aside from those whose powers were simply activated by the surge, all humans across the planet have been brought closer to their psychic awakening. It is now possible for some talented and dedicated humans to unlock special abilities through rigorous training. Others may manifest powers during periods of extreme stress, such as a near-death experience or overwhelming emotion.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sex Slaves

Description: Sex Slaves are the tens of thousands of men, and the extremely rare untransformed woman, who have been dominated by Sex Monster Women until they have submit to their authority.

Powers and Abilities: Sex Slaves have no special powers as a result of their position, only whatever natural abilities they had prior to being enslaved.

Habits: Sex Slaves are loyal the Monster Women they serve. They obey the women in their camp/squadron, with priority to a Mistress, if they have one. By extension, they also will obey Jahi without question, and her commands override any others.

Sex Slaves are usually meek and humble, sometimes to the point of seeming nearly robotic in their tasks. They are rarely aggressive, unless they have been ordered to defend something. Sex Slaves will never take the initiative in sex unless they know its what their Mistress wants (and most Monster Women aren’t coy with their hints).

Such men are used by Monster Women as grunt labor for their base camps, as casual lovers frequently passed around, or as entertainment, where they perform silly or humiliating tasks for their Mistresses. At best, he essentially plays the part of the house servant and pet. Generally speaking, Sex Slaves are taken care of, provided for and protected by the Monster Women. However, a few might find themselves as simply the torture toys and test subjects of more sadistic Monster Women.

Enslavement Method: Many have wondered why exactly it is that captured men (and the rare untransformed woman) remain in the service of the Monster Women. Mind control spells, possession, or control through severe addiction may explain some cases, but most Monster Women lack such blatant abilities, and no amount of sex could possibly be so amazing that all human men would prioritize getting laid by human/demon hybrids over trying to do what they could to save the human race. Reports have shown that there are too many men trusted with vital, if simple, tasks around base camps, and plenty of Monster Women feel no fear letting their defenses down around their Slaves, despite how easy it would be for some men to kill them in their sleep.

After numerous tests, it has been determined that Monster Women have a natural ability to mentally dominate the human men and women they sleep with. While having sex, they appear to exude a sort of very low-level psychic or magical influence that causes their human partner to become more vulnerable, more sensitive, more easily influenced. Even the strongest of wills eventually cracks if the man or woman is teased and fucked and played with relentlessly. This is why many Monster Women will fuck fresh male victims as soon as they have the chance.

Early in the Invasion, once the nature of the Monster Women was understood, it was theorized that if one was captured and restrained, then fucked by a man or woman in a dominant fashion, the reverse might hold true, that a sexually dominated Monster Woman could be swayed to obey a human master. Sadly, time and again, these early attempts merely resulted in the humans starting to sympathize with, and eventually attempt to help, the captured Monster Woman. Regardless of context or approach, sex with a Monster Woman turns the human partner into her sex slave.

It may take hours or in some cases days, but eventually, the man’s willpower drains away. At some point, he no longer fights his lover, and he starts doing his best to please her. Monster Women seem to innately know when he means it, and when he’s faking, as numerous attempts to infiltrate monster camps became failures.

The one good news is that this enslavement is reversible. The Monster Women’s hold on them is maintained through frequent sex. If a slave it rescue from them and taken back to civilization, they will eventually gain their mind back over time. They will go through a painful period of depression, anxiety, and desperation as they try to return to their mistresses, even attacking other humans who try to stop them. Hence, the victim must be restrained or locked up. Psychotherapy seems to do little to hasten the process along, but has occasionally yielded early fixes.

It can take anywhere from two weeks to a month to break their attachment, and even for years afterwards, a former sex slave may be haunted by dreams and flashbacks of being in the women’s service, often unable to find sexual gratification in any other type of fantasy. They also tend to remain generally submissive to women for months afterwards, even if they were alpha males before.

Unfortunately, the Monster Women’s continued encroachment on human civilization and their slowly growing numbers means successful rescue attempts are very difficult to pull off, and basically impossible to do on a mass scale.


Description: Orgies appear as human women with only one tell-tale sign of their inhuman nature: they have a bizarre form of heterochroma. Both eyes have a rainbow effect, with each iris having four unique colors. As they utilize their power of self-replication, a color will fade from one of their eyes, with the duplicate now having that color.

Powers and Abilities: Orgies have a simple ability, to duplicate themselves. On average, they can create anywhere from one to seven copies, though as few as three and as many as twelve have been seen. It seems to depend on the potential of the victim.

These copies all have the same thought processes of their originator, but will follow her orders exactly. They do not, as some have suspected, having a hive-mind, but they are so in synch that they are often able to coordinate their actions without any previous planning, unless the action in question is very complicated or requires splitting up.

Orgies are so named for their favored sexual technique: replicating themselves into a whole squad of people, then dog-piling their partner in a wild orgy. A single partner, male or female, is very quickly overwhelmed by the attentions of eight horny women, and Orgies will often bring several partners into play to give her duplicates enough people to play with evenly.

If an Orgy duplicate is killed or severely injured, she can be re-absorbed into the Originator, and regenerated back to life and full health. If the Originator is killed, then one of the other Orgies can simply regenerate the Originator from their own body. This means that destroying an Orgy requires killing all the duplicates and originator simultaneously, or in extremely quick procession.

Habits: Orgies by and large have a self-assured attitude that comes from knowing you are never alone, and knowing you always have a group of people at your back. This can sometimes lead to arrogance, but most Orgies are aware that most other Monster Women have powers that make their numbers advantage irrelevant. Orgies are usually great for infiltration purposes or surprise attacks, for extra muscle for grunt labor, or for taming unruly captured humans.

Orgy duplicates tend to represent a particular side of their Originators personality. While the Originator doesn’t lose this facet of themselves, their duplicates will routinely take on such personality traits as “the shy one, the angry one, the mopey one, the brainy one,” etc. These distinctions tend to sort of wash out if they are engaged in a mission or during sex, and are most pronounced during casual interactions.

Infection Cycle: Orgies take a captured human woman and force her to engage in an orgy with her duplicates. As she does so, she secrets enzymes from her mouth and vagina that are rubbed all over the woman’s skin by the duplicates. This enzyme soaks into the skin and hyper-arouses the victim as it begins the transformation. Before she knows it, she is willingly participating. The Orgy stops restraining her, and she lets herself be all but smothered in the mass of duplicates, used and fucked for hours, continuing to soak in their enzyme-laced fluids.

After about two to three hours, the victim creates her first duplicate, the Orgy helping pull the two apart. This is done over course of several more hours, as more and more duplicates of the victim are created and pulled free to join the orgy, until no more appear. The entire process can take up to twelve hours, at the end of which, the new Orgy reabsorbs her duplicates, and now has full control of her powers.

The process can be halted if the victim is rescued and scrubbed clean before her first duplicate starts to form. Once the first starts to emerge, it is too late. The best that can be hoped for is that interrupting the process after duplicates form is that the new Orgy will have less duplicates she can call forth from then on, limited to only one or two. Her mind will already have been converted to loyalty to Jahi, however.


Description: Druj are not humans, but Demonic Spirits created directly by Jahi herself. Their default form is of a roiling mass of smoke with feminine facial features flickering across the surface. They can also take the form of a stunningly gorgeous, yet insubstantial image of a human in order to coax a person towards them.

Powers and Abilities: The Druj’s primary power is that of possession. They do this by funneling their spirit form into an orifice of the human body, sometimes the mouth, but usually the vagina. Druj are capable of possessing men, but greatly prefer the bodies of women.

Once secured inside a host, they have complete and total control of the person, but have access to their memories and personality in order to feign their identity. They can optionally keep their host aware of what’s happening or keep them suppressed. They can even allow the host to resume control, only to snatch it away at will just to torment them.

Druj are capable of generating a mind-numbing aura of arousal that can affect anyone within a hundred feet. This aura not only floods the victim, male or female, with an animal need to fuck, it entrances them, making them extremely vulnerable to the Druj’s suggestions.

They possess some minor telekinetic power, utilizing the psychic potential of their host. This power may be strong enough to blast through concrete walls, or only light enough to lift a few pounds, depending on the host. Usually, it's enough to bind down a victim and use telekinetic touches to tease them.

Druj are also telepathic, whether inside a host or not, and will readily seek out a person’s deepest, darkest secrets and secret shames to use against them. They will pressure people to indulge in their most twisted desires, using psychic pressure to push them far beyond their normal limits. By combining this psychological manipulation with their aura of arousal, the Druj can truly break and twist a mortal’s mind beyond recovery into a sex slave, a terrorist sleeper agent, or just into insanity.

Druj can leave a host whenever they wish, but can only be forcibly ejected through use of magic rituals similar to an exorcism. In some cases, they can be forcibly bound into a host, trapping her within permanently, but this usually means sacrificing the host’s life in the process. In spirit form, Druj are untouchable by mundane means, unable to be shut out or damaged without the use of special powers, enchanted weapons, or magical wards.

Druj are unable to possess Monster Women, due to the will of their mother binding this rule into their being at creation.

Habits: Druj are sadists of the highest order, reveling in tormenting both their hosts, and everyone the host cares about through the most heinous of sexual tortures. Even most other Monster Women are disturbed by them. As such, Druj do not serve within Jahi’s armies, but are free-roaming agents of chaos that travel through the land, infesting outlier villages and out of the way towns to reek havoc. Druj typically travel alone, but occasionally in trios or pairs.

Druj will typically avoid places already being conquered by Monster Women, or indeed, avoid dealing with Monster Women at all. They are also quite wary to attack any places where Witches dwell nearby, or with superhuman defenders. Larger cities are also usually well-guarded against supernatural forces, with the protective walls and buildings warded against spiritual possession.

Occasionally, however, a Druj may have a posse of Monster Women or devoted mortals who see them as quasi-divine, having been created directly by Jahi. Such Druj reward their followers with intense pleasure, but also use brainwashing tactics to ensure their loyalty.

No Druj has been shown to be anything less than a complete and total monster. Thankfully, the most reliable counts seem to indicate that there are less than a hundred such creatures on the planet, and several dozen have already been destroyed.

Infection Cycle: Druj have no infection cycle. They were created by Jahi, who literally breathed them into existence and set them loose on the world.


Description: Elementals appear as woman who have been infused with some variant of a Classical Element: Earth, Metal, Fire, Lightning, Air, Water, Ice, or Wood. Descriptions and abilities vary depending on the type. Other than Beast Women, they are the most common type.

Fire – Their hair glows and appears to take the form of flames. Their eyes and mouth will often flare with fire when they get emotional or wish to be intimidating.
Lightning – Their body will randomly crackle with electricity.
Earth – Their skill will have an appearance like stone or diamonds.
Metal – Their skill will have an appearance like metal.
Air – Their hair will have a “misty” appearance, and wisps of vapor flow off their skin.
Water – Their hair will have a “water” appearance.
Ice – Their hair will appear to be made of ice, and icycles may form on parts of their body. Their breath will often steam in the air in hot environments.
Wood – Their skin will appear like tree-bark, with leaves, vines, or flowers replacing the hair. Wood types tend to stay naked the most often, growing strategically places leaves and flowers to cover their privates.

Powers and Abilities: Each elemental has powers relating to their element.

Fire – Project fire, can make their body hot enough to ignite things with a touch, thermosensing.
Lightning – Project lightning, electrify their body, electrosensing.
Earth – They have great strength, and their stone-like skin is immensely tough. Tremorsensing when in contact with the ground.
Metal – They have great strength, and their metallic skin is immensely tough. Some may demonstrate limited magnetic field generation.
Air – They can fly and create huge gusts of wind. Some can create a blinding fog.
Water – They can breathe underwater and propel themselves through it at high speed. They can spit powerful jets of water and create pressure waves in existing bodies of water.
Ice – They can create intense fields and streams of cold, can form simple, small ice constructs from the air.
Wood – Can grow branches, vines, flowers, leaves, and needles from their body, as well as create powerful fragrances. Some can even grow edible fruits. Some can psychically see and hear through plants they are touches, expanding their senses, or have direct telekinetic control over plant matter they are in contact with.

Habits: Elementals, like Beast Women, find their priorities greatly simplified. They are interested in just doing their job, pleasing their masters, and getting laid, fulfilling their roll in Jahi’s forces. Unlike Beast Women, they don’t drop in intelligence as such, but rather, they become heavily influenced by their primary temperament, which is tied into the stereotype of their element. Indeed, it seems as though women transformed into Elementals take a form which is most closely tied into their personality originally. However much an Elemental seems a slave to their emotional state, however, they will ultimately be subservient to leader or partner who exudes a strong sense of authority.

Fire & Lightning – Tend to be very temperamental, easily provoked, and usually only reigned in reliably by their masters. They prefer sex to be rough and fast, often with a leaning towards sadomasochism.
Earth & Metal & Ice – Tend to be very stoic and even-tempered, but slow to accept change. They prefer long, steady love making, and once they settle on a position or technique they like, they tend to stick to it, being dissatisfied with further experimentation.
Air & Water & Wood – They tend to be flighty and easily distracted, but overall easy-going and adaptive. They prefer “fun” sex, experimenting and switching things up readily, but almost never dipping into sadomasochism or vanilla techniques.

Infection Cycle: When ready to transform a human woman, an Elemental produces a “seed”, a marble-sized ball of harden organic matter, inside their vaginas. After securing the human, the Elemental removes the seed from herself and inserts it into the vagina of her victim. The seed breaks open and dissolves into the transformative enzyme that begins the transformation.

The resulting elemental is always random. Sometimes an Elemental may make several of their own kind in a row, other times, they may make a different type with every transformation. There is just no telling. There is a theory that the element type is determined by the victim’s own personality, but this doesn’t always hold up. Because of this, Elementals do not demonstrate the typical combativeness one might expect between such archetypes, seeing each other as all being part of the same lineage of Monster Woman.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Straying Thoughts

As Hank got ready for bed, stripping down completely naked, he kept glancing nervously over to his wife. Maggy was dressed in her white nightgown, brushing her long blonde hair and humming softly to herself. Hank swallowed nervously and slipped beneath the covers. His cock was already getting hard, being naked only because he knew his wife preferred it. His nudity and her state of nearly full dress was a simple, but powerful symbolic reminder of their new dynamic. There were times she even made him stay naked all day at home, and there was very little he could do to resist, when it meant suffering hours and hours of cock teasing from her Sex Magic.

She’d had her powers for almost two years. To Hank’s blue balls, it felt like eternity. But there was still love and affection and she still took care of him since he’d been forced to downgrade to a mere copy boy at his office. If it made her happy, he could suffer her sudden bouts of manic horniness. But there was something he’d heard today that had set his heart churning with concern and dread.

As she sat at the mirror, drawing out her hair-brushing, she could feel his eyes on her back. She hid a soft smile, angling in her seat so he couldn’t see it in her reflection as he outright stared at her from the bed. His cock was twitching away, hard as a rock as it always was when they were going to bed together. She didn’t need to use her aura or even do anything sexy any more to keep him primed. Just knowing he’d be spending the night pressed against her toned, sexy body, wanting desperately to fuck her until he came his brains out, but knowing all it would do is make his blue balls ache that much more, the frustration, to his shame and confusion, constantly revved his motor. She played with and fucked him enough that he didn’t even bother trying to seduce her into it anymore. When she was in the mood, she would take him or tease him or both.