Saturday, March 17, 2018

Punishing Perversions

Priscilla practically tackled her boyfriend when he answered the door. The petite, curly-haired brunette was all smiles as her blonde hunk of a lover picked her up off the ground in a bare hug.

“I missed you!” she said, giving him a kiss.

“We were just hanging out yesterday morning!” Todd said with a laugh. He guided her through the living room, towards the stairs.

“Yeah, but now that I have my Magic, I just can’t get you off my mind!” she said, practically skipping up the steps with excitement.

Todd grinned. “Yeah, I know. I was hard as fuck all night long!”

Pris pouted and as they got to the top of the stairs, she pat the cute young man’s cheek. “I know, sweetie, I know. I would have been here to nurse your poor little guy, but I had to—”

“Help your Grandma move, yeah, I know, you apologized like five times last night,” he said. “Although you could have just given me a psychic handy!”

Pris winked at him, “Not nearly as fun if we’re not in the same room. Besides, you can go twenty-four hours without sex, you know.”

Todd scoffed. “Yeah, I know that. Do you?”

Pris giggled and lightly pat his crotch. “Nope! So strip already!”

Monday, February 26, 2018

Jenny Awakens

Note: Step-Family

Tommy leaped out of bed as his cock snapped to full erection in less than a second, jerking him out of a sound sleep. He crashed onto the floor, but his first instinct was not to try and catch himself, but to grab his cock. Unfortunately, his step-mother had put anti-masturbation spells on him the day she moved in, and all he could do was clutch at his thighs. Whimpering, Tommy rocked back and forth on the floor. He wasn’t really hurt, but his erection was reaching painful intensity. He’d had Hard Attacks before, but they always took him by surprise. Whoever was doing it must be purposefully targeting him, or was very close by!

He hoped it wasn’t Carol again. His step-mother was an insatiable dominatrix, and she’d brought his father to heel very quickly. Even with his obedience, she still loved to punish him with teases, and some nights, she wasn’t particularly concerned with the spill-over. In the year since Carol and her daughter had moved in, Tommy had been subjected to at least two dozen nights where he was throbbing all night long with supernaturally intense erections or being edged repeatedly with random tease spells, and meanwhile, he could hear his father’s cries and moans through the walls.

He swore Carol did it on purpose, but the one time he’d dared to ask her about it, she’d scolded him for being so dirty-minded and punished him with no orgasms for three months. As it was, he had to ask her for permission every time he wanted to masturbate to orgasm, and she was not very generous to begin with.

However, as Tommy listened, he didn’t hear his father and step-mother going at it. Was this from one of the neighbors, then? He started to try and get back onto the bed, but his erection surged as the mysterious Sex Mage’s aura of power flexed around his cock. He fell back on his butt and clutched the tangled sheets around his legs so hard, his knuckles went white.

As he clutched, the sheets pulled taught against his lower body, trapping his cock against his stomach. He froze, mouth open in a gasp. The spells that prevented his from touching himself with his hands also prevented him from masturbating in other ways. He could hump anything or rub other objects against himself. Not on purpose. But the sheet just happened to be pressing on just the right spot, putting pressure on his throbbing cock right where he used to press his index finger when he stroked!

He prayed Carol wasn’t awake to sense him and he flexed his cock against the sheet. He didn’t try to squirm or even twitch his hips, as that would have counted as humping, nor did he attempt to manipulate the sheet lest the spell make him let go. However, the spell didn’t prevent him from clenching his penis muscles, and he managed to time it so that the sheet provided a small, but rhythmic pressing pressure that stimulated his cock. It was a minor sensation, but better than he’d managed without permission in a whole year. He doubted he would manage to cum this way, but it did ease some of the ache of needing to be touched that made the Hard Attacks so terrible. If he could just keep this up while it lasted…

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Rainbow Party

Timothy had been sprawled out on the couch watching one of his favorite anime, when he felt a sharp yank on his balls. He yelped and crashed to the floor as Sally came down the stairs, texting on her phone.

“My friends and I are gunna need to use the basement tonight,” she said to her younger brother. “Turn off your weab shit, and clear out.”

Timothy got awkwardly to his feet and opened his mouth to protest, but he felt her phantom hand clasp his balls, ready to give him another painful yank. He gulped, and complied, fetching the remote and turning off the TV.

“Are you, um, having a party?” he asked.

“Yes,” said Sally, slipping the phone into her pocket and grabbing some fold out chairs laid against the corner. The basement was mostly finished, carpet, coffee table, entertainment center, couch and all, but was still an otherwise sparsely furnished large area. This made the siblings’ house the place to go for large parties.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Beth's Boy

Note: Incest (mom/son)

Beth had just laid down in bed to watch some TV before going to sleep, when she sensed Jack’s cock harden. The thirty-eight year old, leggy blonde paused with her hand on the remote, and tilted her head towards the ceiling, “listening” to the psychic hum of her son’s erection. She had long ago gotten over the embarrassment of automatically detecting his every sexual act and fantasy when he was in range. It was just something every mother of boys had to learn to deal with in the five years since Sex Magic had appeared.

Men’s sexuality was natural and healthy, and there was no shame in an erection, or masturbation. Beth had never been freaked out by it, not even by his most lurid fantasies. She had respected his privacy as best she could, but to be honest, it wasn’t easy blocking out a young man’s thoughts and desires when you lived with them all the time. She took it in stride, not discussing things he’d be uncomfortable discussing, not being one of those crazy mothers who wouldn’t let him cum or masturbate. The two had an unspoken agreement of don’t ask-don’t tell. He was fully aware his mother knew everything about his erotic habits and thoughts, but she didn’t bring them up.

She did feel it was a shame, though, that he had not yet found a girlfriend. Or even a mistress, as was becoming more frequent these days. Despite being a devilishly handsome young man of nineteen and actually managing to get a job in this crazy economy, her son refused to give up his bachelorhood so far. He didn’t like to talk about it with her, though. In fact, he didn’t like to talk with her about much at all these days, no doubt due to that embarrassment.

This unfortunately meant he was easy pray for girls who wanted to have some Magic fun, but had no intention of committing. With increasing frequency, poor Jack would find himself accosted by sexual teasing spells of women, most of whom never revealed themselves. Sudden magically-enhanced erections, the phantom sensations of handjobs and blowjobs, mean little orgasm blocks. It used to be just once in a while, but in the last year, he’d been getting hit with increasingly frequent and increasingly intense teasing spells, almost always accompanied by orgasm blocks.

Beth suspected that several of the teen girls in the area had been getting their powers and were using him as a Test Boy, or that some of her neighbors had decided he was a fun tease toy. A few times she was willing to chalk it up to accidents; as she sensed her neighbors having fun with other guys, there were the occasional accidental aura flare-ups or wildly flung spells that sometimes zapped unintended targets. But almost every night for the past month, Jack had been struck with intense erections or sporadic tease spells.

Right now, she could sense he was feeling feathers tickling his cock, several working the shaft, two sliding around his testicles and the nooks of his groin, while one persistently swirled around his cock head. He was clutching at his mattress and squirming, fighting not to moan. His last orgasm had been four days ago, and he’d felt a dozen quick teases since then. Nothing more than a couple of minutes, but all rather intense, and he’d had no opportunities to jerk off since. Beth let her senses inspect him a bit deeper, and she could tell a fresh orgasm block had been placed on him. As she scanned him, though, she felt a tremor of pleasure wash over her.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Mel's Game

Nick was sitting at home watching anime and playing a video game in the dark of his room, when he heard his phone buzz on the desk. Pausing the game, but letting the anime keep playing since it was just on for background noise anyway, he picked up the phone. His friend from work had sent a text.

Melanie: Hey, wut u up 2?

Nicholas: Nuffin. Game n anime.

Before he could set the phone down, she’d already responded. It annoyed him a little when people wanted to have whole conversations via text, but Mel was one of those girls who insisted on it for some reason. Trying to call her when she was in a text convo usually didn’t work, since she was already in the middle of something else, hanging out with someone or watching a movie while texting.

Melanie: Kewl, what game/anime?

Nicholas: Just Cause 2 and Gunslinger Girl.

Melanie: Isn’t JC3 out?

Nicholas: Comp can’t run it. Mostly just something to busy my hands while I watch the show.

Melanie: LOL, that sux.

Nicholas: Yeah.

Melanie: What’s Gunslinger about?

Nicholas: It’s the boring show about little girls being turned into cyborgs as part of an anti-terrorism assassin unit. Each girl is paired with a man who acts as their “big brother”, and the girls are brainwashed into being slavishly devoted to them so that they are both body guard and weapon.

Melanie: LOL really? Sounds bad-ass.

Nicholas: It’s actually really boring. There’s a few action scenes, but its mostly people sitting around being sentimental, and long camera pans over vistas while pretty music plays.

Melanie: Oh, lol. I assume it set in a world w/o SP?

Nicholas: Obviously. Made in 2003, I think. Although even if it was set nowadays, the girls would be way too young to use the magic. Plus, I don’t know how the cyborg stuff would interact with the magic’s healing effects even if they were old enough.

Melanie: LOL, true. So, wanna hang out?

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ex-Grinder Advice: Punishing Brother

Ex-Ginder Forums > Family Matters > Sisters

TOPIC: Punishing Brother
Created by: Su-B
Date Created: August 27, 2014
Su-B – 08-27-2014
Hello!  I'm 19 years old and I just got my powers. I live with a brother whose one year younger than me, and my Mom, who is often away on business trips. Even though I'm older, I'm also smaller than my brother, and he's always picked on me as we grew up, even after Sex Magic appeared. I want to know, what are some good punishments I can levy on him?

Honey Suck All – 08-27-2014
Ooh, sweetie, welcome!  You are going to have SO much fun with this!  I have some questions first though:

1) Does he know you have the powers?

2) Have you practice them at all yet? How long have you had them?

3) Do you want to fuck him?

4) How bad exactly do you want to punish him? Are you thinking relatively harmless pranks, or do you want to ruin him?

5) Does your Mom do anything to him? Do you think she will co-operate with you, or do you think she might put a stop to it?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Surprise Visit

Cole was a little surprised when the front door to his girlfriend’s home swung open just before he could put the key in the lock. The twenty year old was more surprised to see that, instead of his red-headed girlfriend, a tall, leggy brunette was grinning at him from the doorway.

“Um… hi…?” he said, a little confused. He didn’t recognize the young woman.

“Hey! So you must be Rachel’s boytoy, huh?”

“Uh, I’m her boyfriend,” Cole corrected.

The woman’s grin widened. “Oh, they still call you guys that here? Aw, that’s cute!” She stepped aside and waved him in. “Come in, come in.”

Cole entered the house, dropping his jacket off on the coat hook, then moving to the living room. He looked at the woman a little warily. “Sorry, Rachel didn’t tell me we were having company.”

“She didn’t know until this morning!” the young woman chuckled. “We just got into town a few hours ago, and managed to catch her before she left for work. She was kind enough to put us up for the weekend.”

“Us?” said Cole, just as another young woman he didn’t recognize, a petite blonde, came into the room.

“Oh, hi!” this new woman said. “You must be Cole! It’s nice to meet you!” She gave him a grin that seemed a little bit too sly as her eyes roamed over him. “Nice! Rachel picked herself a looker!”

Cole flushed slightly, tickled by the compliment, but still a little wary. Rachel hadn’t even texted him about this. “So, uh, you’re Rachel’s friends, then? How do you know her?”

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Don't Even Think About Fucking Them

Set in my world of Jahi's Invasion, a courier ends up spending the night at a research facility where Monster Women are kept as test subjects. His curiosity gets the better of him as the temptation to have his way with a captured Sex Monster overcomes his reason.

Here's the Audio!

This is my first audio to make use of Sound Effects, hopefully its not too terrible. (This includes two very short animal sound effects, but this is NOT a beast-related audio.)

For those who aren't comfortable with a male voice reading, the script us provided here:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Helping a Friend (audio by Sunnydale_Bound)

Sunnydale Bound has filled a Sex Mage script I put out a little bit ago!

Check it out here, and leave a comment if you like it!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Catch Him and Use Him

She may not have the magic, but that doesn't stop her from blackmailing her brother!

Audio here!


Once again, I seem to have misplaced the script, so for those who don't want to listen to the audio, I'll just give the summary:

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

No One Expects the Sex Mage Inquisition!

A short audio wherein a poor blue balled boy finds himself getting squeezed for an embarrassing confession out of no where. A few hours later, this audio pops up on his FapReport page!


Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the script for this one, but here is a summary for those who don't want to listen to my voice:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jahi's Invasion: The Roleplaying Game

Jahi's Invasion is now a Roleplaying Game! Play as a psionic Superhuman, alien Idol, vicious Emerald Elf, or rebellious Djinn, struggling against the forces of Jahi's Sex Monster Women!

Download the ebook here:

This ebook has a Pick Your Price feature, meaning that if you want, you can download it for free, but if you enjoy my work and wish to give me a tip, consider purchasing the book for whatever amount you feel comfortable with. ($0.99 minimum if you decide to purchase.)

The book does make use of internal hyperlinks, and page breaks have been spaced for PDF use ideally, but should work in any format that allows for them.

Let me know if any of you are actually crazy enough to play this! :P

UPDATE: A new version has been uploaded!

Monday, December 11, 2017


Description: They appear as human woman, but their hair has been replaced with either rope, twine, chain, or some other kind of tying implement. Binders often eschew clothing in favor of dressing in elaborate, yet skimpy, outfits made of their binding materials, wrapped artfully around their forms.

Powers and Abilities: Binders have the ability to generate copious amounts of tying material from their bodies, and while still attached, they have telekinetic control of them. When detached, they can no longer control the material, but they know exactly where it is and what state it’s in at all time. They can also cause the material to crumble to dust at will if they are touching it.

This material can take the form of rope, twine, chains, leather straps, rubber bands, spider-webs, barbwire, and other such material. This can be made as delicate as tissue to as hard as steel, as well as highly conductive to highly insulated. These can likewise be either slick, sticky, rough, soft, or any other texture types. Despite appearances and textures, all of it is formed organically, variations of keratin. Binders can change the form of the ties to whatever they want, but all seem to stick to a preferred form.

Binders are at least three times stronger, tougher, faster, and more agile than a human, able to perform alarming feats of acrobatics when combined with the rope-generating powers.

Habits: Binders are aggressive dominators, and love tying their partners or victims up. They will often set up elaborate rope-traps to ensnare people with, and delight in finding artful ways to tie people up, not dissimilar from the practice of shibari. Once they have a person helpless, they will tease and torment them relentlessly. A victim who manages to escape their bondage will earn the Binder’s respect.

Binders are usually trap-layers in battle, lend their ropes to aid in climbing over walls during siege attacks, and can use their ropes for expert rappelling and grappling hook maneuvers. Curiously, they don’t tend to use their ropes as whips very often, though they can do this if they so choose.

Infection Cycle: Binders will, of course, tie up a woman and put her through rigorous teasing and sometimes painful torture. She will then slip a special form of her rope into the woman’s vagina, usually in the form of an almost gelatinous, yet firm, phallus. This phallus will break down inside her, dissolving into the enzyme.

Over the course of a day, the woman will feel sensations of ropes, ties, cables, and other such things sliding over her skin, and her hair will twist and writhe, reforming into the binding material that will be her preference. Pulling the phallus out before it dissolves will save the woman. However, the Binder’s sadism will lead her to torment her human victim for considerably longer than she needs to before she even initiates the Transformation. As such, a not-insignificant number of women have been saved from being turned into Binders simply because they were rescued before the Binder actually got around to doing her job.


Description: In elemental form, Ticklers are elementals who appear as a swarm of flying feathers swirling around a woman whose body is made of feathers. In human form, ticklers appear as normal woman, save that their hair is replaced with feathers, and their finger and toenails extend into feathers, instead of claws.

Powers and Abilities: Ticklers are able to shift form into an amorphous mass of living feathers, thousands of them whirling and swirling about, seeking a person to tickle and tease. Although Ticklers usually cluster a mass of the feathers into a humanoid female shape at the center of the feather swarm, she can break this up easily and spread out. A Tickler’s range of spreading is about a one hundred foot wide sphere.

While in feather form, a Tickler can fly, even against moderate winds, and can cluster feathers together to carry about ten pounds of mass in each cluster.

Ticklers are easily frozen and burned in feather form, and strong electric fields can disrupt their feather swarm, but they are otherwise all but immune to any and all physical damage as their feathers flow about. Cutting or crushing the individual feathers does little good, as they can be reformed whole when the Tickler changes. However, feathers can be permanently destroyed via fire or freezing, which can shrink her body mass even in human form. Powerful wind and water-based attacks will scatter or push back the Tickler, but will not do any damage.

Habits: Ticklers are a strange combination of flighty and focused. When out and about, they seem easily distracted and are prone to whimsical, but harmless, pranks or playing. However, when she is focused on a human victim, she will attack them with the relentlessness of a swarm of killer bees.

As the name implies, however, she will not try to hurt them, but instead tickle them, seeking out and swishing the feathers against their sensitive spots. The feathers will even wriggle under clothes to reach their protected places. Even fully-armored soldiers have suddenly found themselves tickled into submission as feathers breach their protection.

Ticklers are not above being violent if needed, though they don’t like it. If they need to knock someone out, they will almost always employ swarming tactics, either Tickling a person until they are unable to breathe and pass out or blinding them in a feather swarm until they stumble into a trap or obstacle that injures them. A few Ticklers have been seen to suffocate an enemy by funneling into their mouth and throat, choking them to death.

It is believed the Tickler senses the world around her in feather form more through touch than anything else, easily sensing air pressure movement, static fields, magnetic fields, vibrations, and even minute texture differences on surfaces. Ticklers can function just fine underwater, though this slows their movement considerably, and don’t need to breathe in feather form.

Infection Cycle: The Tickler takes a captures woman, and slips several of her feathers inside her vagina. The feathers wriggle and tease her from the inside, and as they do so, the spines of the feathers will release the transformative enzyme. Meanwhile, the Tickler will form her feather swarm tightly around the woman, tickling and teasing her until she’s out of her mind and can barely breathe. Eventually, the woman’s flesh begins to break off into its own feathers, her body shrinking down as it loses mass, rather than leaving wounds. The process can take two to four days, with the woman forming her feathers on the second day, and shedding them until the final feather is formed.

Removing a woman from the Tickler, and flushing out the feathers within the first day is the surest way to stop the Transformation. After that, it may be too late. A few women have been saved despite losing up to ten percent of their body mass to their new feathers, but it is extremely rare that they can be saved once the feathers start appearing.


Description: Milkies appear as human women with unnaturally large breasts that defy gravity. They also have horns on their head, resembling either a steer or goat horns.

Powers and Abilities: Milkies get their name from their ability to create copious amounts of breast milk. This milk has wondrous healing properties: rubbing it into wounds will rapidly regenerate them even healing scar tissue. Drinking it will cure any illness or poison within a matter of minutes. (Theoretically, this could even cure the poisons of an Emerald Elf, except that their toxins act faster than the milk can counter it). The milk is also highly nutritious and pleasantly filling; a person can sustain themselves entirely on the milk.

However, the milk also has a very powerful entrancing effect on humans, quickly making them docile and complacent. Hence, Milkies are ideal for handling unruly captured humans, able to enslave them quickly. Between their healing and rapidly enslaving abilities, Milkies are an important support unit in any Monster Woman army.

They are also five times stronger and tougher than a human, and are able to quickly heal or recover from toxins via regeneration, making them difficult to put down. They can even resist an Emerald Elf’s toxins if only given one or two doses, though they will fall to repeated injections. In the event they are forced to fight, they can easily gore the enemy with their horns or grapple them into submission.

Habits: Milkies are natural caretakers, doting and affectionate. More so than any other Monster Woman, they hate violence and will only engage in it for self defense or the defense of someone in their care. They ostensibly do not suffer a drop in intellect, but their personalities are rewritten to prioritize their intended task as caregivers.

Milkies are almost always stationed at base camps, where they watch over Sex Slaves and tend to injured Monster Women. In the event that a Milky finds herself separated from her Squadron and encounters humans, she will attempted to negotiate with them, offering to heal them in exchange for letting her go.

Usually this doesn't work out, and she ends up captured, her milk extracted for healing purposes.  A captured Milky is usually fairly docile compared to most other Monster Women. She will take every opportunity she can to escape, but she will do her best not to hurt anyone in the process. Even if she doesn't manage to escape, though, most Milkies seem perfectly happy to at least be doing their intended task in some capacity.

Infection Cycle: As one might assume, the process involves their breast milk. They can secrete the transformative enzyme through the milk and a woman who ingests it will begin transformation within the hour. Inducing vomiting of the milk within minutes after ingestion seems to be the only way to avoid transformation but the enzyme is fast-acting and usually even this will not be enough to completely halt the transformation, only stall it.

Interestingly, whether by choice or through, design the enzyme will only come out if the woman is drinking straight from the Milky’s breast. A Milky can’t just squirt out the milk with the enzyme into a glass, nor can she rub into the skin or a wound.

Milkies seem reluctant to actually perform Transformations, though they will readily do so if ordered. It seems that some small part of them remembers the trauma of being forced to become a Monster Woman and they are reluctant to inflict that experience on human women. Then again, they seem perfectly happy to enslave women right along with men, so this may not as compassionate as it seems. It may just be that they prefer to see humans as something to take care of, rather than elevate them to being an equal.

Milkies are notable for being the only monster woman type who has not yet ever formed an Abomination. This may have something to do with their amazing healing properties.